The History of the Satchel

The History of the Satchel


The leather satchel has been around for many centuries. During Roman times the leather satchel was known as a Loculus (“Little Place”). They were often carried by Legionaries to hold their rations and personal stuff. The satchel first started becoming a popular fashion accessory during the 17th century. In the 20th century they became the standard school bag. The golden age of these old student leather satchels lasted until the 1970s. The leather satchel remains enormously popular among both men and women.

Fashion Trends of the Satchel

The popular “look” of the go-to satchel changes every now and then. Today, the most popular look today in every area of fashion is the vintage look. This has seeped into the satchel arena, particularly men’s satchels. People like leather satchels that are made to look vintage. This craze does not appear to be dying down anytime soon. But although most satchels today have the vintage look, they still come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. In addition, their massive popularity means that they can be picked up in just about anywhere that sells clothing and apparel. At thrift stores, you can sometimes even find satchels that are authentically old school looking. Some might not want that though. Some people want a satchel that has that vintage look, but at the same time has a modern twist to it.

The Future of the Satchel Vintage Look

The vintage look will undoubtedly become so iconic that it will end up being synonymous with satchels. It is a fashion trend that history will see as one of its best and most ingenious. It will prove to be an inspiration for future students and business leaders alike. The future of the satchel looks bright. The only question concerns what form it will take in the future. For more details click on mens satchel.


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